As Chairman of the Planning & Zoning Commission, whose charge is to promote the health, safety and welfare for our Island’s residents and its guest, for the past 8 years. I have the following vision for our Island.

We need, South Padre Island to be a vibrant, year-round tourist destination. A solid foundation of continual leisure/conference traffic will support growth for our local business; providing the quality of life items that our residents and visitors need and deserve. This should be achieved by focusing on youth sports tourism and on special events year-round rather than just the off-season.

We need a healthcare component that will be immediately available 24/7 to manage not only immediate treats to life, but common ailments so that our local residents and visitors can find healthcare close to home or vacation destination. We also need population health efforts to improve the quality of life for our residents and our visitors. We would someday like to be touted as “the safest and healthiest place to live or visit”

We also need to have continuity in our city employees so that we can maintain the direction of moving OUR Island forward.

By operating our Island by our charter, hiring great leaders and appointing knowledgeable committee members with a focus of wanting OUR Island to be GREAT, we can achieve this in a short time.


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