Here is a question that I answered last week from a voter.
As Mayor how are you going to get “lead” of the Council that has been and might get out of control, again?
Please provide as much detail as possible, please be specific..

I believe the best way to “lead” the board is with mutual respect for each other’s views. As I have lead PZ for almost a decade, I have always run a fair meeting for all parties and tried to show each person that the input matters. I plan on having an executive session reminding all what the decorum I and our city’s citizens/employees deserve and should see. I also will explain the chain of command that if a council person has a question for Staff, that they direct the question to Mayor. If City Manager is not copied on the request, Mayor will forward to City Manager (copy individual council) and ask the CM to direct the question to the appropriate staff and to send the response to all council members. This should eliminate any interference with council and city staff. I will also state that if a council person is unclear or questioning a staff or committee. They should first educate themselves by attending the committee meeting and ask the questions as a citizen.
This would require the council to pay attention to committee agendas.

I believe that this current board respects me as a leader and will be willing to understand that there is mutual respect for them.

There has been very little respect for each other since the last election and this is a fault of all parties.