I want to thank all of my supporters that helped me get into the runoff for Mayor. I am very humbled by all of the support I have received before and after the election. I am very excited to begin this next stage to be South Padre Island’s next Mayor. We did an excellent job on Election Day winning the poll and capturing almost 40% of the vote in a 3 person race.

Now we have an excellent opportunity to continue running a great campaign on the issues!

As a proven leader serving as the Chairman of PZ, a Shoreline Taskforce Member, the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and a former member of the Capital Improvement Committee, we need to continue the discussions regarding:

*Youth Sports Tourism,
*more family activities,
*Medical Facility,
*Laguna Blvd,
*Abandoned Structures,
*And most importantly, getting back to our Charter and let the CM be our CEO and run our city.

I know many of us may have some fundamental differences on the future of OUR Island. I respect the effort that Clayton put forth in his campaign.

I am the only candidate running that has ever had to make a payroll. During the off-season, I always put my employees first. I believe in a get r done attitude. I will move us towards our goals of building our offseason with Youth Sports Tourism, the possibility of a cruise destination, Laguna Blvd, abandoned structures, a medical facility and support us joining the combined MPO.

Let’s keep OUR Island moving forward for our citizens, businesses, employees and our visitors. Let’s make OUR Island the best it can be. As your mayor, I will work with the council to lead us into the future!


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