Over the past several months, as PZ Chairman, I have been discussing and researching abandon and blighted structures with Councilmember Joe Ricco, Building Inspector David Travis and Environmental Director Victor Baldovinos

Last night at CC, I had the pleasure to assist in the presentation of abandon & blighted structures. David Travis & Victor Baldovinos did an incredible job helping to explain the issues we have to CC.

Thank you to all for putting the time in to get this item off our list. So grateful to see CC understand the issues and the decision to make this a priority including TML and our city law firm. There was a complete understanding that this is an issue that needs to be fast-tracked, which is great!! Some of the properties have been abandoned for 8+ years.

Amidst all of the great discussions, I believe one item was perhaps missed.

We should all congratulate Nikki Soto for her hard work for filing our responses to LNG as it had not been completed over the past few years. She was congratulated for doing more in two weeks than we have done as a city in 2+ years!!

Way to go Nikki!

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